Isabella Manderson Is Timeless


I had a chance to chat with talented model, Isabella Manderson from Family Management. We talk about her favourite projects, working in L.A. and the best modeling advice she has ever gotten.


D: Isabella, so you're from Vancouver, but you travel to LA on a regular basis, what would you say is the most L.A. thing you've done?

I: It would have to be my constant need to Snapchat the funny happenings around me... I just want to remember them! 


D: Your Quality of work is rare for someone at such a young age (18). How long have you been modelling and what got you in to modelling?

I: I have been modelling for six years now. I began when I was about 12 years old, after being scouted by a local modelling agency.


D: Since you’ve been modelling for six years, you must have been in some pretty diverse projects. What would you say are some of the most interesting projects you’ve worked on?

I: I think one of my favourite shoots to date would have to be a music video I recently filmed with videographer/photographer, Briggs Ogloff. We revisited some of my favourite childhood stomping grounds, the energy was magical. It was like an adventure.


D: By now you’ve had a chance to work with some really talented photographers, do you still reach out to photographers you want to work with?

I: Sometimes, yes. If I come across pages on social media that captivates me, in which the energy of a photograph(s) really speak to or inspire me; I will contact them.


D: What are some qualities, you look for when it comes to photographers?

I: I love when unconventional ideas and atmospheres in photo-shoots come through to really tell a tale behind an image.


D: Since we are primarily a magazine that focuses on film photography, I should ask you; what do you think about shooting with film?

 I: I adore film. I have an absolute affinity for it.


D: What do you find is the major difference for you as a model between shooting with film and shooting digital?

 I: I just think film is so timeless, it makes every shoot more interesting.


D: If you had to pick, which one would you say you prefer? And why?

 I: Film- due to its element of surprise.


D: Good Answer, although I have a slight bias. And last but not least, what has been the best modelling advice you have ever received?

I: It would have to be when a photographer told me to learn the value of patience. Things really come to you when you least expect it. Sitting and anticipating a result has never worked to my advantage.