The Internet Loves Jocelyn Hudon and So Should You

The internet loves Jocelyn Hudon. If you google her, you’ll get nothing but praise and acclaim as well as a twitter feed full of The Great British Bake off rants and Gilmore Girl references. She’s currently shooting in Cape Town, but I was able to catch Jocelyn on her off time.

It’s 12:30 am here in the Pacific North West but 9:30 am in Cape Town South Africa where Jocelyn is shooting a TV show called Ice, in which she has a reoccurring role in. 

D: So I did my research, and the internet loves you, it has some really great things to say about you! 

J: Oh yay thanks! I hope that never changes! She says bashfully laughing out loud.

Jocelyn’s positive out look runs across all aspects of her life but especially her career. Although acting is not just a career for her, it’s what she was always meant to do.

D: So you started off modeling but went into acting, was that switch hard?

J: I always wanted to be an actress and the way to get there for me was to go through modeling.  You can’t really get an agent if you don’t have experience and you can't get experience if you don’t have an agent. So I got in a few commercials through modeling and thought great, I can use this as means to get to where I want to go.

D: When did you know you wanted to start acting?

J: I had a different kind of path. I did University then I did my Post Graduate Program and then I was like, okay parents here are all my degrees…I’m going to be an actor now. So it’s always been in the back of my head since I was really young.


D: How young? 

J: Since I was born,  I was like this is what I was meant to do. You almost have to come out as an actor. And its also not a traditional career for my family.”

Its clear acting is a part of her, in the way music is in someone like Adele. Yeah, they’ve got the skill but they also have that something else that makes them special. If it wasn’t cliché I would call it the “it” factor.

D: So when I “creeped” you online I found this old video on YouTube, It’s a mock Nike commercial. Was that the first acting gig you ever had?

 J: That was actually a school project she says laughing out loud.

That was my friend Alex’s project, He used me as his model because we’re really good friends and I had to play this homeless person. So many people tried to give me money and I was like no, no it’s a school project!” She tells a story of how one man went into a store and bought her four Kit Kat bars. “I was like no no, I’m not poor I’m in school!

As much as that video will forever haunt her online, she has a bright future ahead of her. She will be shooting a movie with best Batman the 90’s ever produced, Val Kilmer. (sorry George Clooney)

J: So that movie with Val Kilmer is a movie I’m shooting in Santa Barbara in January. Right now I’m shooting a TV show that films partly in Vancouver and partly in Cape Town… Its called Ice.

D: So since were on the topic of celebrities have you ever been Star struck?

J: My first acting job ever was with Adam Sandler (she’s starts laughing as she remembers back) I love Adam Sandler, Mr.Deeds, I love that movie! I didn’t freak out or anything. He was like “Hey Jocelyn”, and I was like okay, this is normal. But one time I was at Runyon Canyon in LA, and I saw Charlie Hunnam and I love Sons of Anarchy! I was like "Oh My God", but I kept it inside and just kept walking.

D: I’m sure one day you’ll be in a movie with him so you can’t freak out.

J: I know I was like I have to play it cool! I can’t be that freak who attacked him on Runyan!

D: Is there an particular genre of TV show or movie you are drawn to?

J: I think comedy but I just haven’t really done any, I get a lot of sci-fi stuff


Jocelyn has a reoccurring role on The Strain which is TV thriller about vampires ravaging New York.

J: The Strain I liked, it's a vampire thriller, but what I would love to do would be a Tomb Raider action movie or a comedy. I’m a lead in a movie coming out around Christmas called The Christmas Wedding Planner. I felt like I could make it my own, hopefully it comes out funny! I made the character funny and clumsy, so that one comes out in December. 

If you spend any time with Jocelyn you will recognize she has a talent to make you laugh, and it serves her well!

D: Your fairly active on twitter. What’s the deal with ‘The Great British Bake Off’?

She begins laughing,

J: Oh my gosh yeah I mostly tweet about Gilmore Girls and The Great British Bake Off! Have you seen it? It’s great!

D: No I haven’t.

J: It’s very wholesome, it’s all about these British people who are all very proper and nice!

D: You mentioned Gilmore Girls are you Lorelai or Rory? 

Jocelyn struggles to answer.

J: Umm…I love both! Me personally I’m more like Lorelai, but I would love to be Rory, but I know that’s not going to happen! she starts laughing

D: You tweeted a Tony Robins quote; Success is on the other side of rejection. Can you talk about a rejection that then lead to a success, have you ever had a moment like that?

She answers quickly.

J: Yeah I get rejected everyday. Sometimes you care so much about booking a job that you don’t get and you’re like, "Oh my God my life is over!" And then you get to go shoot a TV show in Africa! If I got some of the things, I thought I really wanted I wouldn’t be where I am right now!

When I first started acting my agent got me an audition for a Soap Opera. I was like "Oh My God a Soap Opera!” She says in an excited tone. Do you know how happy I am I didn’t get a Soap Opera? I would be stuck on that forever and I would not be able to do the things I’m getting to do right now.

On this subject Jocelyn is passionate. Acting is a tough job, but when you are born for something how can you deny yourself that very thing?

J: Yeah I get rejected more then I get not rejected. She says laughing.

D: You have a very positive outlook, where do you get that from?

J: My Mom is super positive she’s like the most positive person ever! So it’s just naturally in me.

D: You’ve been on a fair number of sets by now, what is the best piece of advice someone has given you?

J: The first thing that came to mind was when I took the opposite of someone’s advice. Someone on set said to me. "You have to teach people how to treat you". Kind of in a snobby way. And I was like I’m not going to do that! When you are involved in a show everyone is equally important. So for an actor to act like they are more important and they should show how important they are, I was like I will never become like this. Sometimes seeing people with attitude teaches you how to never become like that.

D: We specialize in shooting with film at Terroir, so what would be something that you enjoy when it comes to shooting in film as supposed to digital?

J: Oh there is way more pressure! Which I like! You can't just redo every shot, so their is more importance on each picture.

Pressure is something Jocelyn might all ready have come accustom to. She’s already being noticed by Hollywood gossip sites like and it wont be long until you’ll be talking about her to. Jocelyn’s love for acting is evident in the roles she books and how much she works.

The internet loves Jocelyn Hudon and so should you. 

Actor-Model: Jocelyn Hudon
Written by: David Karuhije
Photos by: Noah Asanias
Styling by: Hilary Erin
Beauty by: Dani Dyrland