You Want Genevieve Buechner as Your Life Coach

Outfit H&M Watch: Nixon

Outfit H&M
Watch: Nixon

A plane takes off the tarmac somewhere in North America. It’s bound for Berlin, Germany. The Berlin film festival will be screening future blockbusters as well as movies bound for critical acclaim. Sitting first class on this plane you'd expect seasoned vets to Hollywood, maybe a Damon or a DiCaprio type. But not on this plane, here you‘ll find an excited ten-year-old girl, who has no clue what she got her self into. “I was actually nine when I booked the role, they wanted someone who was ten or over and I think my mom may have lied, I’m not a hundred percent sure!” Genevieve says laughing good-naturedly as she reminisces to over 16 years ago.  “She may have told them I was already ten since I was going to be turning ten during filming. It was also my first real Audition.” Genevieve would go on to win a Leo award for her role in the critically acclaimed movie “Saint Monica”. She may have landed her first ever audition, but even at nine, Genevieve was no stranger to the hard work it takes to make it. “I ended up having nine callbacks in order to land that role. I was a little kid and they needed a lead for their film who was going to be there every single day for months. They needed to be consistently good and be able to do the job. So they brought me and whoever else was up for the role as much as possible in order to see who was consistent.” That hard work paid off, currently, you can catch Genevieve co-starring in “UnrealTV” a scripted drama that goes behind the scenes of the dark sometimes twisted world of reality tv. "Unreal is a very fun show to work on! It’s twisted and I love it." A career actor at just 26, she doesn't come across as someone weighed down by the rejection, hard work and long days it takes to be successful in this industry. That’s because she really loves acting. “It's never the same, It’s always changing, every single audition I have is different. Every set you’re on is new. there is no way for me to get bored!” Genevieve has been in the acting game for longer than she hasn’t. She’s a lifer. And she has the knowledge of one. She’s the streetwise a kid in the neighbourhood who knows where all the best bike jumps are. “I’m grateful I started when I was a kid because I learned so much when I was little. I didn’t have to go through being a teenager or a young adult trying to break into it. It is a lot harder as an adult, as a kid you have all these years to grow up with the casting directors and learn how to do auditions.” 

Bodysuit and Jacket: Marciano

Bodysuit and Jacket: Marciano

When it comes to her knowledge of 90’s television, Genevieve holds the title, sorry Kevin Sorbo.  “I’m rewatching Xena the Warrior Princess right now, and I'm having a fantastic time! I haven't watched it since I was a kid, it's a phenomenal show and it’s so fun! I actually dressed up as Xena when I was six for Halloween.” What some may call Nerdy just Augments Genevieve's charm! Genevieve is more than an actor she is a student of the craft that is storytelling. “One of my favourite movies is Leon The Professional (a film starring Natalie Portman, a young girl who softens the heart of a hitman), it’s beautifully shot and the characters are so wonderfully fleshed out and individual. One of my favourite ways to watch something or to read something is to take away the names and just focus on the dialogue. If I can still figure out who is talking then I think the writers have done a phenomenal job with the Characters. I feel like that movie does it very well, and that’s hard to do!

There’s a stigma that follows child actors the stereotype is that they become entitled divas. but Genevieve seems to have come out unscathed and maybe even a better person for it. She is a master of giving honour where honour is due! “I look up to everybody in this industry because it's so hard! Anyone who has managed to make a good career out of it and stand by there morals I am impressed with. That’s so hard to do! So my list of people I’m inspired by is so huge!”

Outfit: H&M Necklace: Guess

Outfit: H&M
Necklace: Guess

In 2018, the divide between what is moral and the entertainment industry has never been wider. Culturally we turned a blind eye when it was an open secret that women weren't getting equal pay as their male counterparts. But in the light of all the cases of abuse of women in Hollywood, what is moral has never been so important. “It just has to stop, I’ve never understood why it’s been allowed to go on for so long. There are so many people who are saying this just to ruin peoples careers. It isn't to ruin peoples careers it's to put an end to the abuse that people have been dealing with for years, since the beginning of Hollywood. It's not how any industry should work. And it's not just Hollywood, it's in every single industry. I had a really strange experience this past year. I went to Japan with my sister and we had an amazing time. We were just two young girls in our twenties by ourselves, and I realized I was so relaxed there. I was so calm and it was a very odd thing. We talked about it, and I realized it was because we felt safe, we weren't scared that we were walking around at night by ourselves. We weren't having to be hyper-aware about what was going on around us, who was around or if anybody was following us. I didn't realize I was doing that even when I was at home. Anytime people come up and talk to me, there is an automatic defensive wall that comes up because unfortunately, I live in a world where it is common to have someone be mistreated, especially if they are alone and a young girl.”

T-shirt: h&M Jacket: Guess Jeans: American Eagle Shoes: Kate Spade

T-shirt: h&M
Jacket: Guess
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Kate Spade

Genevieve’s is the modern day renaissance women, along with acting she paints, draws and most recently has picked up film photography. “With digital, everybody always has their phones out. But with film you have to wait for the moment to be right to take the picture, you cant just take 15 and then decide which one is the best. you need to focus and decide which moment is right.

Moments are what have defined Genevieve’s career. The moment she decided she wanted to become an actress, the moment her mom said she was ten instead of nine, and the moment she took the stage to accept her Leo award. Yet at 26, Genevieve's best moments are still yet to come. 


Model: Genevieve Buechner x MPR
Photographer: Noah Asanias
Article by: David Karuhije
Hair: Jade Kugelman using Davines and GHD
Makeup: Katie Elwood using NARS and Tatcha
Styling: Derek Parrot
Assist: Rex Logan & Amiel De Guzman