Liam Hall a New Breed of Auteur

In another life Liam Hall isn't “the actor Liam Hall” he’s the “Acrobat Liam Hall”. “I used to the Ariel Silk, which is a drape of material, that you climb up and wrap around your body, then tumble down and drop out of it to your ankles.” This may seem like an odd transition to acting but to Liam, it's a natural progression. It was just another channel to showcase the creative ability that was always inside of him, even as a child. “For me, it started with drawing, I would sketch all the time, I did a bit of painting as well. I shifted into a different channel which was dance, and I did some circus acrobatics at one point which is what got me into the performing arts school, which then led into acting. Now I view acting as my creative outlet, but that creativity was always in their as a kid.”

Hailing from Australia with a Military Father, Liam knew what it was to work for your dream as well as the rewards of taking a calculated risk. That strong-willed approach to life has served him well. Shortly after moving to Vancouver Liam landed a role on the CW’s hit show Arrow. “I tell Myself you can’t give up, if it is something you really want, if it’s something that makes you happy then you just have to keep doing it. Keeping a level head has really helped me out because I know a lot of people that bailed, but I’ve stuck with it for three years and picked up these roles and each role gets bigger.”


Creativity is something Liam has an overflow of but that comes from having an endless supply of inspiration. It’s no secret Liam feels just as comfortable taking in the beauty of the outdoors just as much as playing the brooding villain. “I grew up in the capital of Australia, Canberra. A lot of people don’t actually know it exists. It’s in the Australian Capital Territory and is wedged in between Sydney and Melbourne. There are Mountains all around and the only place you can ski or snowboard is about 2 hours away. So if anywhere in Australia is outdoorsy it's around there. My dad being from the military and being an outdoorsman himself we would always go camping and hiking and explore, so it has been embedded in my childhood.”

Liam is more than an actor, he’s a new breed of auteur, the kind that doesn't rely on others but takes creativity into his own hands. The first thing you get when you type “Liam Hall” into Youtube isn't his high octane fight scenes in Arrow but the cinematic adventure videos he produces. Liam treats his work behind the camera the same way he treats his work in front of it; taking what could be an ordinary scene and infusing it with a sense of drama. “It is true, I have been drawn to dramatic roles. Probably because that’s what I perform better in when I’m auditioning. That’s probably why most of the roles are a bit more emotional and dramatic, which is what I'm sort of interested in at the moment.”

Though Liam has a wide skill he could use to leverage into a number of careers, his true affection is being in front of the camera. Acting may not have been his first love but its the one that stole his heart. Not only because he lives to perform, it’s also the danger and the excitement of having to be in the moment. “I would say, I enjoy being in front of the camera because it’s more thrilling, you feel like you are risking more. I feel like I can create more, It’s very unknown you can’t put any expectations on it, you don’t really know what’s going to happen. You can try and rehearse and choreograph it as much as you want but you just don’t know what’s going to happen. I guess that’s where the beauty is.”


Shy is not a word you would use to describe Liam now, but if you had met him at 10 years old, before the lights and camera’s you would not have picked him to be the gregarious scene-stealing actor he is today. “As a kid, I was incredibly shy! But I knew I had to express my art, creativity and the feelings that I had. So I wasn't going to let something like performance anxiety and stage fright get in the way. It’s something I definitely worked on and its gotten better and better. I remember my first time on set as an actor; oh man, the nerves were so crazy! But my latest job on arrow I didn't even think about it until I finished my first day.”

That "Shy boy" had creativity bubbling up inside of him. That creativity expressed itself in drawing, painting, dancing, and acrobatics, but it found it’s home in acting.

In another life Liam Hall, the acrobat is suspended in mid-air, being held by nothing but a thin sheet of fabric. But in this life, Liam Hall the actor is bringing drama to your favorite TV show.


Model: Liam Hall x Lizbell Agency
 Photographer: Noah Asanias
Article by: David Karuhije
Hair: Jade Kugelman using Hanz de Fuko
Makeup: Katie Elwood using MAC cosmetics
Styling: Derek Parrot