Nude Swim Bar

Clouds darken the skies and a cold breeze whips by, making it hard to imagine that summer could ever come around… But time has a strange way of creeping up on us. With getaways to sunny destinations, and the inevitable “flying by” of time, it’s best to stay ready for those long-anticipated beach days. Luckily for you, I met the owner of a swimwear brand who can help you do just that.

Rewind to July 17th of 2017 and you will find 26-year-old, Erin Shklanka, who just may be a ray of sunshine herself, launching her very own business – Nude Swim Bar. “I chose to officially launch on 7/17/17 because 1 and 7 are my lucky numbers!” But luck isn’t necessary when you take a look at all the hard work Erin puts into her business. “When I design a piece, it takes me around 8 months to perfect it. I try it on every single body type I can possibly find. I really want to make a cut that looks good on everyone, not just the mannequin. I’m not just taking into account small, medium, large, but also short or long torsos and smaller or larger bra sizes.”


Originally from Winnipeg, migrating over to Vancouver and then, finally, moving to Vancouver Island, one might wonder how exactly this former SFU Business student from Canada broke into swimwear of all things. “Starting from the beginning, I entered a body building competition. I had planned a vacation for right after the competition and thought to myself, “Sweet! Maybe if I lose a bunch of weight, I’ll be able to fit into a bunch of the swimwear I want to buy!” And I did lose a ton of weight, but my bra size was still a 34DD and I had a big booty! It was a seemingly impossible, not to mention stressful, task to find a bikini that could support me on top and fit me on the bottom. Everything was too expensive from outside of Canada, or had halter style straps that gave me neck pain, seams were cutting in, they were all so vibrant….and when you start to narrow the list down you come up with less and less options. The business began from a desire to create the products I really wanted that would actually work for me.”

It's not just her own personal swimsuit preferences that took her down this path; Erin also has other women’s needs and happiness in mind. “When you’re in a swimsuit, you’re at your most vulnerable. In my opinion, that means you should be the pickiest with what you wear! I’ve learned through this process that I’m not the only woman who struggles in this area. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful women try on my suits and they’ll point to things that bother them with their body. They’ll say things like, “Oh, I haven’t gotten a swimsuit because my torso is too long,” or, “My boobs are too big,” or whatever it is. I wanted to create a product that women feel confident and comfortable in. There has to be a way. It has to exist.”


Having a product that fits great is a goal shared amongst many designers, but how many of them can say their goal is also to create a product that is good for your health and the planet? Erin takes it one step further with her brand by using a revolutionary fabric manufacturer, pioneering a vision for non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials. The fabric used to create these pieces are European Flax Certified, which guarantees the non-pollution of the soil from its origin and has the Oeko-Tex 100 – Class 1 seal, which certifies the non-existence of products toxic to human skin. Wearing a Nude Swim Bar piece is something that you can feel good about on a level beyond how you personally feel in it, it is swimwear that you can feel good about on an ecologically conscious level as well.

When a strong, determined woman has a dream, it takes a lot to get in the way of making that dream come true, which is why it’s not surprising to hear that the hard work Erin puts into each of her pieces also extends to the very beginning process of sourcing fabric and a production team. “After I realized this was the business I wanted to create, I spent the next year trying to source the best possible fabric. I wanted to get the best of the best of the best – fabric, metals, manufacturing, everything. I ended up finding this amazing little hole in the wall manufacturer in Brazil. I looked in a lot of different countries and I compared the quality, the design and their expertise, and no questions, Brazil had the best swimwear I’ve ever felt or seen. They’re so smart with their feedback on my designs. 

I found the best product, the best manufacturer and then it was time to create the quality product I had been dreaming of.”


 “It’s funny, I almost wanted to create the “little black dress” of swimwear. The classic staple that you bring with you on every vacation. You know it’s good quality, you know it’s going to fit, and you can lie on the beach with it all day long and still feel comfortable. Something you’ll always feel confident in.” Whether you feel comfortable in a two piece or a one-piece, Nude Swim Bar has exactly what you are looking for!

 Speaking from experience, the pieces are smooth as butter and the cuts are amazing. You’ll have trouble picking just one. I was lucky enough to take some along with me on a trip to Mexico and asked Erin to give our Terroir readers all the info on these to-die-for pieces.

My first piece was the bandeau top. If I did nothing else, I wanted the bandeau. I had seen a corset back on a dress once and, even as a bigger chested woman, it was something I could wear without straps. I need everything to be supportive or snug on top. I noticed every bandeau swim top I had looked at had a set width that could cause sagging, or not enough coverage. I knew my bandeau top absolutely had to be adjustable, because every woman is so different. 


The second piece is the high waisted bottom in the color “Night”. The color is a darker navy, but it has a beautiful blue color when it’s in the light. The cut took me forever to get right. Everything I make is based on things that I’ve loved or haven’t loved. I loved high waisted bottoms because they cover your love handle area…. but I didn’t love them looking like [a] diaper. I wanted to make sure there would be a little extra leg showing on the front and more of a Brazilian cut in back. I made sure the back was cut more circular, so it would make everyone’s butt look good!

Lastly, we have my fourth design, which is still in the process of being perfected. It’s a one piece, with a built-in bra and corset back. I gave the one piece these features for tons of support and comfort. I also made it extra-long for longer torsos. I hear from a lot of women who have long torsos and say they can never find one pieces, so I made it several inches longer so that they can wear it comfortably. For women with shorter torsos (like myself) it will also work.”

If you’re not already convinced, Nude Swim Bar offers something that most online shops don’t - a personal fitting. Erin allows interested customers to set up fittings by appointment in Victoria, BC if they aren’t 100% sure about how the swimsuits will look and feel on. “This allows me to see in person how my suits fit on different bodies and furthers the process of perfecting each piece.” You can find her pieces at or email inquiries to

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See you on the beach! X