Dino Archie Is Doing What He Loves


Dino Archie doesn’t need to self-promote. His work speaks for itself. A veteran in stand-up comedy, Dino continues to push himself to reach higher levels. We caught up with Dino the Monday after he performed to a 700-hundred-person crowd at the Vogue Theatre in downtown Vancouver. He rented out the theatre himself just to see if he could fill it. That’s the kind of risk and challenge Dino has been embracing as of late. His motivation is simple; a love of comedy. One of Dino’s motto comes from the acclaimed movie Rushmore; “I guess you’ve just got to find something you love to do and then… do it for the rest of your life.” In a world viewed through Instagram stories, Dino stands out as the quintessential craftsmen, his medium of choice just happens to be comedy.


In the past six years, Dino has spent the majority of his time in Vancouver, performing on different stages throughout the city. “I haven’t kept count, but I’ve done probably over a thousand shows here (Vancouver).” On top of that, he travels regularly and performs all over the States. This year has been among his busiest. On top of performing, Dino has been shooting pilots and working on his own series. He has positioned himself to breakout. Though there has been nothing that has come by accident for Dino. This progression in his career has been entirely purposeful.


Recently Dino came to the conclusion that few ever reach. That conclusion being; If you’re not moving, you’re dying. Recognizing that, Dino made a series of hard decisions in order to bring him to the next level.



“I took a risk and that was the toughest part of the end of the year. I had just separated from a long relationship while entering the holidays and promoting the show. But it paid off. As far as the show it was incredible, we sold about 600 tickets and fit about 700 people in the Vogue Theatre. I wanted to start the year off and set a goal with something that was going to be hard to do and something that would set the bar and set a tone for me.”


We’ve all heard the old adage; The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Dino’s story should be an encouragement for any artist that is fully invested in their craft. Sometimes you need to push all your chips in, holding nothing back.


“I wanted to stay excited about comedy, I had been doing it for about ten years. And it’s easy to get in the same cycle and then start complaining and wondering why things aren’t happening for you. but if you are not doing anything different to break that cycle you can't expect a different outcome.”



Dino made the decision to make comedy his craft and since then has been pushing himself more and more. Though Dino doesn’t see it as work and rejects the moniker of “Workaholic.” He loves his job and is just happy he can make a living doing it. In Comedy, as in any other art form, you are essentially your own CEO, running not only your own life but your career. “If you are in this field you are an Entrepreneur, so the baseline is to give a 100 percent when you are on the job.”


In almost every artistic expression, you becoming your own worst enemy. You get in the way of yourself, whether it’s by insecurity or fear. To borrow Dino’s words “no one is playing defense against you.” When it comes to creating something special the hardest battles come from within. And since making art is essentially a game of one on one basketball with yourself, only you have the power to change the situation. Dino learned this when he was starting out and had to overcome his biggest obstacle.


“Confidence was my biggest obstacle. I was sick of being in my own way. Confidence comes with time and I knew that I needed that time on stage to become comfortable. I also learned things in life along the way. I learned from my mistakes.”


In order to get to the next level in his craft, it took self-sacrifice One thing Dino had to lose were his heroes.


“Killing my heroes has helped me more recently. Once you get better and once you put the time in, if you want to kick it up to another level you can’t really have heroes.

Maybe people can, but I can’t. I can be inspired, but I can't look up to anybody.”


Dino’s approach has been working for him, Most Notably he was invited to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Making an impression on industry insiders and audiences all over.

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Dino’s story highlights what it takes to make it in a field that few do. Mostly because Dino puts in the work to stand out. Although maybe ‘work’ is the wrong word to use. Maybe Dino just found something he loved and is doing it.

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