Music Review: Mallrat Brings The Heat In The Dead Of Winter

photo credit: Michelle Pitris

photo credit: Michelle Pitris

When Grace Shaw takes the stage at Venue Nightclub, located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, the crowd that was already buzzing with anticipation, let out loud cheers and whoops. At 20 years old, Grace, who is better known as Mallrat, manages to command the crowd like a seasoned pro. Along with her DJ (DJ Denim), she turns the stage into a dance floor and grooves carefree to the smooth breezy sound that she has cultivated over her career thus far. That energy can’t help but leak out into the audience and it’s not long until the whole club is bopping along. Grace has a knack for writing infectious hooks that get you swaying and dancing seemingly without you knowing. Her hooks aren’t the only thing that draws you into her music. Grace has a Charisma that you can’t help but be won over by. In a music scene that is filled with overly dramatic love ballets, Grace brings a different energy with her. The joy captured in her music isn’t contrived, and that shows up in her live performances.

Though Grace hails from Australia and has certainly garnered an audience there, her music is sweeping across the Western hemisphere. Seemingly the whole crowd that braved the cold Sunday night, sang along to her indie-pop hit Groceries, with its catchy bridge and knew all the words to her blissful jam Better

It was the dead of Winter in Vancouver, but when Mallrat took the stage the synth-pop artist teleported us beachside, dancing around a bonfire to her breezy tracks.

Check out her latest hit single Nobody streaming now.

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