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Florida born and Texas raised actress, Violett Beane is quickly forging a noteworthy path in the television industry. With roles from hit shows like The Resident, The Flash and most recently, God Friended Me, the career path being forged by this 22-year-old is not one to be missed.

Aside from a vibrant acting career, Violett avidly travels across the globe and can often be found cooking up a storm. A vegan storm, that is. Her love for veganism transpired into a love of baking and creating new vegan recipes. She even envisions herself one day owning a vegan bakery, filled with all of her favorite vegan gluten-free donuts, cookies, brownies and more.

In our interview, Violett shared how her career started, her current roles and advice for the budding actors of the world. 


In The Beginning, There Was The Stage

In life, and in your career, you always remember your first love. For Violett, her first love was theatre. With a place to truly express herself, challenge herself and to simply play, she found herself at home on the stage. “I really discovered my creative side growing up in Austin. I went to an arts high school and I participated in the theatre program there.” Her feelings towards this avenue of artistic expression were simple as she explained, “I just loved acting and performing.”


Coming up to her senior year, Violett had a big choice to make after graduating. Would she continue on to college or would she enter the working world? With a realization that she didn’t feel pulled to make the transition into college life, she chose to continue on and take the risk of entering the world of film and television. The decision to fully commit to her passions without holding back was a defining moment in her life that she would never forget, nor hold any regrets towards as her career quickly took off.

Starting Her Career


Limited resources were available to her in her hometown of Austin, Texas, as the film industry is almost non-existent due to the lack of tax incentives for filmmakers, but that didn’t stop her from doing everything she could to get her foot in the door. “I found a local agent and started sending in as many taped auditions as I could!” Surprisingly, after all the taped auditions she had sent out, her first role came from one of the rare, in-person local auditions. “The Leftovers was casting local talent in Austin, where I was living at the time, and I was lucky enough to score an audition! I went in and it was just one line. I had to pretend that I was jumping in the cold water and splashing my friends.”

With hard work, perseverance and a whole lot of hope, Violett saw her dreams come to fruition. “After a while, my career really started taking off and I ended up moving to Los Angeles to audition more frequently.” 

Once living in Los Angeles, Violett had an audition for what would be her first big, well-known role. “Since these big television shows don’t want to risk spoilers, you don’t typically know who you’re auditioning as. I auditioned with mock sides and only when I booked it was I told the role would be Jesse Quick on The Flash.”  


With her first day on set for The Flash fast approaching (no pun intended), Violett found herself wracked with nerves. “This was the biggest thing I had done in my career and I had never been more nervous than I was on our first-day shooting. I was out of my element in a new country as we were shooting in Canada, I was surrounded by unfamiliar faces and I was doing a scene with Tom Cavanagh, who is amazing! It was a lot to handle.”

When our nerves set in we can find ourselves stumbling where we are normally able to walk strongly. When this happens we don’t always have to look far to find someone willing to help put us at ease. On this first day, Violett was offered support in a way she never expected from her talented co-star. “Tom was so sweet and he helped me so much. It was pretty obvious that I was nervous because I couldn’t remember a single line! I think he picked up on that and pretended to forget his lines too. I’ll never forget that.”


God Friended Me

The new CTV hit show God Friended Me is an American drama-comedy series that follows an atheist named Miles, played by Brandon Michael Hall, who receives a Facebook friend request by someone calling themselves God. Shrugging the request off as a prank, Miles moves on with his life, but eventually, he starts to see friend suggestions for people who he ends up meeting and creating a change in their lives. “I play Cara Bloom, who is an online journalist. She ends up being one of the friends that Miles gets on Facebook. In the pilot, you can see that she struggles with the fact that her mother left her when she was really young. Cara came to New York in search of her and when she finds her she isn’t sure how to make the next step. That’s when Miles and the God account enter. Cara ends up sticking around after they’ve helped her to try and solve the mystery that is the God account.”

With a mix of mystery, comedy, and real-life stories exhibited throughout, there’s much to be excited about in this new series. Violett finds herself most drawn to the uplifting spirit of the show. Even the initial script she read stood out and deeply impacted her. “During pilot season last year, I was reading a ton of scripts and going to multiple auditions a day. It was honestly one of the only scripts that I read that really left me feeling uplifted and positive at the end of it. I think with the world we’re in right now, we need something like this.”


More than simply enjoying the contents of God Friended Me, Violett finds herself intertwined with her character in so many ways. “I love playing Cara, there’s so much of me in her. Like her, I don’t let things go. I always have to get to the bottom of things,” she laughs. “We’re both pretty stubborn people.” 

Finding these parallels with herself and her character makes it seem natural that Violett has been given an invitation by the show's creators, Bryan Wynbrandt and Steven Lilien, to assist in fully shaping Cara Bloom. “Bryan and Steven have been so communicative since the beginning. They were in my very first audition for this role and they’re just so excited for everyone to experience what it’s all about. We’re constantly chatting with them about our characters and where we want to go with them. It’s amazing! I’ve never had this much say in a character and it’s something I greatly appreciate.”


Find What You Love And Give It All You’ve Got

Charles Bukowski once said, “Find what you love and let it kill you.” Violett takes a bit of different approach to the famous quote and believes that if you have found what you love, you should hold onto it and pursue it with all you’ve got. “If acting is what you love and if it’s what you want to do, then honestly just keep doing it. Join your local theatre group! That was a great starting point for me. Find an agent in your hometown. I’m sure no matter where you live there will be at least one agent who has access to casting directors and can send in tapes. Use every single resource you have available to you.”

Once you embark on the wild journey that is being in the acting industry, there are so many steps that you can take towards becoming the best actor that you can be. In our conversation, Violett shared how she prepares to step onto a set or into an audition room to bring a character to life. “I do as much research as I can. For The Flash, once I knew the role was Jesse Quick, I went over to a local comic book store in Austin and bought as many comics that featured her as I could. For The Resident, I did so much research online about my character Lily’s condition to try to understand the things she was going through.”


To Violett, a great actor is one who can lose themselves in a role and transport the viewer into the world where that character lives. An actor who can make the viewer forget that the character is not who they truly are. As she strives to reach new heights in her own career, let her story this far also inspire you in yours. It doesn’t matter where you come from or how limited you feel your resources are if you are determined to chase your dreams and put everything you can get your hands on into action, one day you will catch them. 

Written by: Emily Loewen

Photography by: Storm Santos

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