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It's not often that I have the opportunity to interview someone who's story resonates so closely with my own experiences. I first met Yumika Hoskin at a model casting in Melbourne and then a few months later on the set of Project Runway Australia.

Half Japanese, half Australian, Yumika has a unique look – even amongst the growing flock of Eurasian models. Her radiant skin and freckles are indicative of a childhood spent in the Australian sun and her personality exudes both off and on the screen.



Starting out in the Australian fashion market, Hoskin found it a struggle to book the campaigns her Caucasian counterparts were booked. After landing an international contract in Bangkok, she was discovered by the producers of Supermodel Me and signed on to participate in the show. “I had always been curious about my suitability for television when watching programs like Next Top Model but I never thought I would have the opportunity to pursue it. Especially coming from Australia where models who transitioned into acting and hosting were predominantly Caucasian, blonde and the typical beach babe look. Growing up Eurasian in Australia, the confusion of where my look fit in was something that worked against me when going to castings and I experienced a lot of rejection.”


The show provided the perfect platform for Yumika to discover skills outside of fashion, and realize her own potential in hosting. “During the filming of Supermodel Me - which only picked Asian and Eurasian models to participate - I found my personality came out of its shell. After wrapping the program, the producers pulled me aside to encourage me to pursue hosting, expressing that I was very natural in front of the camera and would work well in Singapore.”



Moving to Singapore from Australia seemed like the next logical step for Hoskin, having grown a huge fanbase from the show. “All my friends found it more of a big deal than I did. I have always been pretty independent my whole life, and pursuing something I am passionate about is always the greatest feeling. Although I was moving over by myself, I had friends in Singapore who said they would be there for me and introduce me to people.”

Making a home in the vibrant city of Singapore, Yumika set about making a name for herself within the events community. “I was introduced to clients, attended social events, built up my presence and image via social media and word of mouth and handed out business cards like a mad woman. The key is always initiative and being proactive.”


Once settled into Singapore, Hoskin found her way into the hosting world through trial and error. “At the beginning when I first started, my emcee skills were cringed worthy. Nerves would overcome me and I felt like I was back in primary school stuttering, sweat dripping down my blushing face while doing a class presentation. I would practice and revise and go over my lines over and over.” Once comfortable with her ever-changing performances, Yumika hit her stride. Creating a tailored experience for the audience at every gig, she fast became one of the most well-known names in the industry in Asia. “When I put myself in a calm state of mind, my memory seems to excel, I can think on my feet and my delivery pace slows down. So I go over lines the night before, practice a little without the script in the morning of, and remind to trust myself and that I am good at what I do. Nerves will never be non-existent, but I guess it's about learning how to use it as energy.” Her advice to newer hosts is paramount to her glowing career. “Trust and not overthinking is my most powerful tool. I also always promise myself to a cake or a big fat meal after with wine after. That works too.”



Like all artists, Hoskin isn't satisfied in just sitting back and waiting for the work to come to her. Instead, she's been proactive in creating her own content, releasing a TV series called KTCHN UP early last year. “KTCHN UP is a fun digital talk show that involves me and my co-host Hanli Hoefer. We were able to produce a show ourselves and talk about topics we otherwise might not have been able to share publicly. The script is a flow of our own thoughts and also keeps us pro-active. We've talked about ghosts, haunted stories, celebrated movies that have just come out, as well as about our own experiences in life and careers. We sometimes research trending topics in an aim to have audiences on platforms discover us. It gives us a break from our scripts and jobs.”

Hoskin's travel series on YouTube is also something she strongly believes in. “My eco travel show Where We Wander is a passion project as well as another side endeavor where I get to showcase a topic I strongly believe in. Traveling is something every single person enjoys, but with the very serious issues our earth is facing with pollution and climate change, there are small steps that everyone can make to be more aware and conscious.”

While she presents a fascinating look at dreamy travel destinations, she also has a bigger story behind the glamorous shots of the places she stays at. “The show covers destinations that may be under the radar and our message is to encourage exploring but with a method of minimizing our footprint. We cover cultural experiences, food and eco-friendly hotels who use practices to minimize their carbon footprint and gives back to the community.”



As with any millennial, social media has been an important tool for Yumika to speak to her fans directly. She also uses it to promote herself and the brands she loves. “Instagram allows for your creative input and control of imagery. Clients are able to see live updates of the work I have been up to, such as emceeing live events, filming programs, working on campaigns with various brands as well as see your personality raw and unedited via Instagram Stories.”

While Hoskin still considers it work to keep her social media presence front and center, she acknowledges that it's an important and fantastic tool for her industry. “As much as I may hate having to worry about updating it daily, organizing content to be shot and preparing for layouts, it really is a blessing as part of my job too.”


Yumika has found the ability to connect with fans and clients through social media outlets, a contemporary answer to building a network around her craft and presenting herself in the way she wants to. “It’s a strange thought that you are followed by people that live on the other side of

the world and you have the ability to engage in conversations. I love asking for advice,

recommendations and opinions on social media, and have so many individuals take the time to

comment and write to me. Social media has promoted the idea of sharing, connecting and collaborating so I have had such great campaigns and clients I have been able to work with on the social media platforms.”

You can watch Yumika's KTCHN UP series here:


And the Where We Wander series:


instagram: @yumikahoskin


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