The World is Madeleine McGraw's Oyster


The joyous laugh and innocence of a child are truly contagious. Madeleine McGraw is a true testament to this. At only ten years old, she has already captivated the hearts of hundreds who have witnessed her growth and undeniable potential.




Maddy, how she is affectionately called, was born in San Jose, California in 2008. Her life was forever changed when at only four years old she was introduced to the world of acting and modelling. She describes the inception of her career as “kind of an accident” because her sister was ‘found’ first. Her mom was then asked if she had more children who could act, and as she puts it, “the rest is history.”


In the span of six years, she has already made an important name for herself. Today, all the McGraw siblings are involved in acting and have even had the opportunity to work together on some projects. For Maddy, being able to share acting experiences with her siblings has been enriching and fun, and she looks forward to more opportunities where she is able to do it, especially with her sister with whom she spends most of her - limited - free time.





Madeleine has participated in multiple projects that range from thrillers to animated movies, allowing her to discover, develop and display multiple facets of her talent and her personality. In 2014, her first acting role was in the horror short film Hide and Seek.


Within the same genre, but on a different format, Maddy then landed a role in the horror Cinemax series, Outcast. Outcast follows the story of Kyle Barnes, a demon-possessed man from West Virginia. In the series, Madeleine plays the role of Amber Barnes, Kyle’s daughter. She excitedly recounts her experience on set, where she “even got to do some of her own stunts.”


Outside of horror, she also participated in important movies such as the Marvel-based film Ant-Man and the Wasp in which she played young Hope, and in American Sniper in which she played McKenna, Bradley Cooper’s daughter. In recent years, Maddy has made a break in two family favourite animated films: Cars and Toy Story.




Madeleine loves Pixar. Her excitement about working with Pixar on these two staple films was palpable.


In Cars 3, Madeleine played the role of Maddy McGear, an enthusiastic fan of Lightning McQueen. During our conversation, she humbly expressed her gratitude and long-lasting appreciation for the fact that they named her character after her - she could not believe it. Maddy is a fan of all of Pixar’s productions, and having had the opportunity to act in one was unbelievable.





The opportunity presented itself once again when, after a few months of waiting, she received confirmation she would partake in Pixar’s upcoming film of the iconic series, Toy Story. Maddy plays Bonnie in the newest addition to the Toy Story series. 


After a taped audition, where she had to memorize the script because she couldn’t yet read, Madeleine waited for two long months to know if the role in Toy Story 4 was hers. As fate would have it, the role had her name written on it. She received a call letting her know the part was hers, and she recalls how she “screamed around the house” because she was so excited about it.


When asked how she would describe Toy Story 4, Maddy replied, “it’s an emotional rollercoaster.” Maddy loves all the characters in it and is sure audiences will laugh and will cry. She concludes,  “everyone is in for a treat.”





Madeleine’s professionalism and work ethic is nothing short of admirable.


One of Madeleine’s favourite aspects of being on set is learning from other actors and from directors on how they do their work. Even at her young age, she understands the value of gleaning from others in order to grow and continuously improve. Maddy’s zest for living and learning was evident from the moment she picked up the phone. Speaking to her was a reminder of the importance of letting our inner child dream because it truly is the only way to make the best of every opportunity that comes our way.


While recording and filming, she continues to complete her school work while on set. Despite her flourishing acting career, Maddy expresses how much she likes completing her school work, especially her math homework. In fact, she loves math so much she says she would love to pursue something related to math or coding in the future. This clearly demonstrates how well-rounded and talented she truly is.


Everybody watch out - today, the world is Madeleine McGraw’s oyster.


Writer: Ana Merino

Photographer- JSquared Photography

Hair- Gui Schoedler

Make-up- Desirae Cherman 

Stylist- Jessica Margolis