Magical Moments In Acting With Sarah Grey


When she was thirteen, Sarah Grey began auditioning for film and TV roles while simultaneously taking acting classes and private coaching. While not born into acting, Sarah found her love of it when she happened upon classes and realized it was the perfect fit. “My passion started with singing. I fell into the silly, performer role within my family, so it didn’t surprise anybody when I stumbled across some acting classes and loved it.”

Once she found herself immersed in the creative side of acting she discovered that it was more than just a career choice. “Honestly, the biggest passion of mine is an innate desire to understand the human condition and everything that makes us who we are. I’ve always been extremely sensitive so I think it’s a way to make sense of it all. Acting is a way to explore that, and put all of my emotions to good use.”


In the beginning, Grey booked roles but saw a similar pattern within the characters she was embodying. “Playing the victim became a running theme for me. I think it’s because I had an innocent look that worked so well for being the damsel in distress. Plus I’ve got a great horror scream...”

But the variation began to show, and she broke into different roles, notably playing Stargirl in DC's Legends of Tomorrow. “Thankfully I’ve had a pretty good variety of characters so far, I feel lucky!”

To prepare for a role, Sarah uses imagination and music to create a personal connection to both the script and character. “To me, creating a character is much like putting a puzzle together. The writing and material lay down the first few pieces for me, and then I have to use my imagination to fill in the blanks and complete the picture. I can use music to provoke the emotion and headspace I’d like to be in”


Not just constrained by the words on the script, Grey uses fashion as a helpful tool to step into character. “Fashion is a huge part of the process. I think we all know how much what you’re wearing can affect how you feel and vice versa. Stepping into my costume feels like stepping to my character.”

Her ability to make an original and authentic character shines through in her work. In Grey's latest role on The Order, she plays the leading role of Alyssa Drake. The show is Netflix latest offering on the supernatural and magical realm, where Sarah's character Alyssa goes through an intense discovery of herself and her independence, all while learning magic. Sarah spoke to me candidly about the experience. “I’ve had the most fun with “The Order.” There are many reasons why I love this show, but the magic aspect is my favorite avenue within the supernatural genre. I’ve wished I could perform magic since I was little, and shows like “Harry Potter” and “Matilda” were some of my favorites growing up. I also continuously chase those “magical moments” in life. I think it’s the dramatic and the romantic in me.”

Though Sarah makes it look easy, her road to success was not without hard work and effort. After filming her first season of The Order, she took her first break in ten years. She emphasizes the importance of finding the right balance and not getting burnt out. “The first time I took some time off from auditioning/ working in ten years was after season one of “The Order.” There were times when I wished I could take a break when my personal life became overwhelming, but there’s always a fear that you’ll miss that one perfect opportunity. It’s an ongoing battle that every artist knows, but I think it’s important to have a balance between your career and personal life. You have to find your moments.”


After having spent many years in the industry, Grey has wise advice for burgeoning actors to take on board. “If it’s something you love, just keep at it. More often than not, it’s a marathon that is portrayed as a sprint. Take classes, explore your craft, and never take the rejection personally. It’s about hard work and being prepared for when the right opportunity comes along.”

While some actors prefer to be surrounded by a few select people to help keep them driven, Sarah counts numerous family and friends as her support network. “I’ve got an entire circle that supports, encourages, and pushes me. I’m grateful for every single person around me.”

Sarah counts social media as a great tool for her to connect with fans. “I don’t know a world without social media anymore. It has its pros and cons, as with anything. But one of the huge pros has been the bridge it creates to the fans.”


While it's easy to think that fan comments can go unnoticed, it's not the case with Grey. “There has been so much love and support coming from the fans, and we truly appreciate it. I recognize certain names that have been there since I started, so it’s cool.”

Sarah Grey may just be getting started at the highest point of her career yet, but the possibilities are endless. Her acting career is indeed looking magical.

Written By: Melissa Reimer

Photographer: Noah Asanias

Styled In: AllSaints