14 burning Questions for Nicholas Coombe


T: Tell me a bit about your background, and how you got into acting?

NC: I grew up in Perth, Western Australia. I spent my days at the beach, eating vegemite sandwiches, playing sports/video games with friends and enjoying time with my family. As a kid I started out in dancing and eventually got into musical theatre. When I was 14 I transitioned across into film as that was more the career I wanted to pursue. Ever since then I’ve been pursuing a career in acting and loving every minute of it.

T: Did you come from a creative background or family?

NC: In a way, yeah. My mum’s side of the family was always quite creative and into the performing arts and my dad’s side was more into music. My grandpa was a DJ for his whole career. So that was all an influence for me. They all supported me from day one and that allowed me to grow as an artist.

T: You’re also in a band as well, how did your passion for music develop?

NC: I have always loved music. I think it started at a young age. Mum said I’ve been making beats and noises ever since I could walk. I originally started on drums and then transitioned to

the piano as that allowed me to write and sing songs. Eventually, I picked up the guitar and have been playing ever since. I’ve dreamt of having a band ever since I was 14. I’m so glad I’ve finally found some good friends who are into the same style of music as I am. We have a blast jamming out our songs.


T: How do you manage your time between music and acting?

NC: It ebbs and flows. Sometimes with acting, you’ll go months without auditions or work. So in that spare time, I normally focus on other projects like my music. I kind of take it as it comes at the moment, but things are starting to get a lot busier in both careers which is exciting.

T: Tell me a bit about the Dora and the Lost City of Gold, what are you most excited about?

NC: Dora and the Lost City of Gold is a massive live-action family comedy adventure.

Think Indiana Jones meets Tomb Raider meets The Goonies. Every scene there is something new and exciting happening. I think audiences will be pleasantly surprised at how fun and funny the film is. The team behind it did an amazing job of bringing the original Dora series and turning it into an adventure for everyone to enjoy.

T: How is it playing Randy with the rest of the cast?

NC: I LOVED playing Randy. He was one of my most favorite characters I’ve played to date. When I originally read the script I laughed out loud at almost every line he had. It was so fun bringing him to life. Being a new character I found he fit well into the series. It was a perfect group of misfits. Everyone in the cast is so close. We became great friends and I think that truly shows in the film. We spent every day laughing and running through jungles. It was an adventure making the film, and I’ll never forget it.


T: Who/ what inspires you? Why?

NC: There are so many people out there who inspire me but if we’re talking about film there are a few actors I grew up wanting to be like. I would say my biggest hero was Ewen McGregor as a kid. I first saw him in Moulin Rouge and Star Wars. I think to see his range as an actor was really exciting for me. One minute he was a Jedi and the next he was in a musical. There are also legends like Hugh Jackman and Heath Ledger, of course. Both coming from Perth was so inspiring for me as that’s my home town.

T: What are you up to when you are not acting?

NC: Playing music, traveling, skateboarding, drinking iced mochas and dancing to live music.

T: What is one fact people might not know about you?

NC: I lived in the middle of the jungle in Thailand for 6 months after I graduated high school.

T: What advice would you give to a talented, driven actor or actress who’s just starting their career?

NC: Never stop. If you stay committed to your craft, grounded in your roots and loyal to your beliefs anything is possible. Be confident in yourself, do what makes you unique and shine in your field.

T: Can you tell me the biggest obstacle you have faced in your career, and how you overcame it?

NC: Probably having to move away from home at 19. I packed up everything and moved to the other side of the world with hopes of becoming a successful actor. It was exciting but terrifying at the same time. I had no contacts, friends or family in Vancouver. And I moved on my own. So it was hard the first few years making friends and establishing myself.

T: What’s your process for preparing for a new role? Can you share any routines or habits you practice to approach playing a new character?

NC: It depends on the project. If it’s a known character I will research as much as I can and make sure I’m as prepared as I can be. If it’s a new story and character I spend time creating it at home and try to arrive on set prepared with different variations and quirks. It’s fun building a character from the ground up. I love performing and I love collaborating with other artists. I’m always really excited to work with directors to bring characters to life. There’s a lot of talented people out there and I try my best to learn as much as possible on every gig that I book.

T: In your opinion what qualities make a great actor?

NC: That’s a hard one! I would say I stay true to myself. I’m pretty quirky and I’m always the wildcard option but I guess that plays in my favour. I make choices that I think are funny or something that I would enjoy when watching a film and I roll with it. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn’t. But that’s the fun of it. You’re just hoping the director has the same vision for the character as you do. And if not, that’s completely fine. It doesn’t mean your not a good artist. Being unique is key.


T: What’s coming up for you? Are there any other projects you're involved in or looking forward to, besides what you’re working on now?

NC: I have something I start working on coming up in September! I can’t announce it yet but I’m so stoked to be a part of the project! And also, The Beanie Kids (my band) just recorded our first EP which will be getting released soon!

Interviewer: David Karuhije

Photographer: Noah Asanias

Makeup: Maralayna Pincott

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