Candace Coker: Diary of a Working Musician


This week we sit down with musician Candace Coker for a raw and honest conversation highlighted by the lessons she learned on her journey as a musician. Candace has an online following as well as a loyal local audience. We talk about what beginning a career as a professional musician looks like, the tension between marketing yourself and being genuine, how to recognize talent, the power of music over anxiety as well as the many other topics. Candace Coker is a Caribbean born singer-songwriter, her sound early on was heavily influenced by artists such as Norah jones and Sarah McLachlan. Candace’s combines the depth of soul music with the soft melodic sound of alternative pop. Candace Coker doesn’t just innovate with her music she transcends. Her voice combined with a lyrical prowess is musical nirvana. Her music was recently featured on Paramount Networks “I am Paul Walker”